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“Just Relax” – yeah yeah, tell me how…

Sometimes we know what to do.  Just not how to get it done. Couple of big sections of my life have intersected in this lesson mastered. Learning how to not freak out in the pool. It's a legitimate freak out. I almost drowned when I was little. I have always suffered from speech anxiety. Blah blah blah The intersection. During my adventures of "3 boy homeschooling" I've learned about the different learning types, how people experience life in vastly different ways. Number 1 is very visual, learns well from reading. Number two is insanely kinetic, learns by feel then by auditory input. And number 3 is a a sponge, learning equally well in all areas. As a yogi, a big lesson is to learn how to connect with the body, how to control the breath. How to know whats going on, and things to do about it. As a Gemini, Chinese Tiger. Female. Engineer. I might be more tightly wound than others. So..."just relax" is like a foreign language to me. Just hearing those words makes me more tense. This "just relax" command doesn't come naturally to me. And I think it's a bit challenging to work hard but remain relaxed. So when my awesome swim coach on day one gave me just one homework assignment, to sing "I'm a little teapot" when I'm swimming. To try and relax. I thought "yeah yeah...". I gave it a big try. Didn't work. Surprising because I'm into music in a big way. I even tried Little Bunny Foo Foo, more my style. Nope. Then an awesome friend of mine, another fishy swimming person, reminded me of a yoga practice..."you love the water, FEEL the water, FEEL your body in the water. Focus on that. Not on relaxing so much, just being one with the water." PRESTO! Yoga in the water.  Me, my body and the water were one for 12 minutes.

Strength at Ease

Knowing how one experiences the world, communicating to them as they communicate...things really start to jell. Gets pretty juicy. Super Fun.

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