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Living my faith and training for a marathon

Heart Health Nugget

Your boss has thrown a curve ball at you. It's really hit home, just might impact your time with your family, your todo list, your life rhythm. Perhaps you start worrying about it. Random thoughts clog up your mind. Affect your sleep, day to day concentration, maybe that's all you talk about with your husband. Maybe you can do something about it, maybe you can't, maybe you should take action, maybe you should be patient. Having a clear mind and heart, listening to your internal wisdom is hard to do when we are worrying, obsessing ... not living by faith. Which is a muscle we need to develop and strength. Here is a practice that can help develop that strength, so when you really need it, it works well. Automatically.
When those random (or not so random) thoughts of worry travel thought your thoughts, simple turn your internal gaze to: [tie_list type="checklist"]
  • repeating a short fav scripture. With reverence.
  • focus ALL your attention on three breaths, with each exhale being a bit longer, out your mouth, releasing stress. With reverence.
  • put your hand to your heart and feel your heart beat for 10 seconds. With reverence.
  • gaze at a tree for 10 seconds, seeing the roots that provide a strong foundation. With reverence.
[/tie_list] Practice this with the little things. Build strength of faith. That all will be well, your answers will come as they should. The help you need will be there! LOVE LOVE LOVE

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I ran into God today.

I really loved my father-in-law. When I met my husband, I knew right away he was a keeper. He is a wonderful man. His dad taught him well. His dad was awesome. He was a Shriner, a clown. A really good man. And I loved him dearly. My children loved him dearly. So when his illness wore on and on, witnessing him deteriorate and die a slow and painful death was very difficult. When he was finally released from his suffering, it was bittersweet. A bright spot was gone. The suffering was gone. At the funeral, a wondrous thing happened. I was the photographer, capturing the moments; grief, well wishes, love, compassion. And a TON of beauty. It was EVERYWHERE. It was almost intoxicating. The smiles of the family. The children that he loved so much, rejoicing in the day because death to them is different than to us. The cemetery was so secluded, we were the only people on the planet at that time, like time had almost stopped. At the end, I was full of grief, I didn't want to say the final goodbye. I didn't want to walk away; to never see him, hear his laugh, see him hug my children. I was hanging back, feeling as if I was about to slowing melt into a puddle of sadness. Then in the next instant all I could hear was the breeze through the trees. It was so intense, it was as if I could hear the sunrays travel between the trees to my face. I looked to my left as if someone had called my name and I saw these three deer that had wondered up to our ceremony. In an instant all my pain was gone. My heart was filled with joy. I knew that my father-in-law as comforting me. Telling me "It's not goodbye. I am right here." So many years ago, and I can still hear the breath of God through the trees. Today, as I was running, I was wrestling with something. My heart and mind going at it. I've been wrestling with this thing for quite a while now. At just the moment when I was going to AGAIN but this thing on the back burner, I run into my three friends. I smiled. "OK.  I HEAR YOU!!!!!" Action to follow.

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