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I started working with Bonnie in December 2015, after I decided to
pursue my dream of  Half Ironman!  I never trained for a triathlon,
and I never even completed a Sprint Triathlon to date.  I found Bonnie
via the Facebook Group; Women For Tri, and in 6 months, Bonnie coached
me on nutrition, training, supplements and triathlon specific gear.

She answered all of my emails, texts, instant messages on a daily
basis, and was always quick to provide additional information that she
felt would be helpful.

She talked me off the ledge a few times when I began to doubt myself
and my lofty goal, but @ the end I finished the Eagleman 70.3 under
the time cut off, and I was extremely proud of myself and what I

Bonnie is a great coach and mentor, and she truly has a passion for
what she does.  I would recommend her to anyone looking to enter the
world of triathlon, hone in on nutrition, or any type of goal that
just needs a little support, motivation and direction.

All is actually going quite well…of course there are some changes that I have had to make to fit in with my job/lifestyle but for the most part I’m playing along. I have noticed that my joints hurt less, I’m sleeping better, and that I have more energy (esp in the afternoon when I normally have my slump)! I am now kind of left wondering if it is related to sugar or maybe gluten. Sigh…my two favorite foods LOL


I really enjoy Bonnie and her helpful information. She is very knowledgeable about alternative medicine and ways to improve everyday health eating habits. On my second visit with Bonnie, she informed me of cherry extract. Which is used for inflammation. She suggested a couple of different ways to incorporate the cherry extract. The first one was just in a glass of water or a tasty smoothie. I went for the smoothie. The smoothie also add so many other nutritional value with in a week. My IBS and inflammation are under control. Thank you Bonnie.

Kathy R, Foster Care Recruitment Representative,

I have to brag on Bonnie a bit… I am not even finished with her 11-day fall detox program and I am down 12 lbs! In a healthy way! Just by eating whole foods in recipes she gives me! I know, because of the amazing energy and feeling of being “present in the moment” that I have now, that this will be a life-long change for me. Thank you Bonnie! Lets kick some A in December!


I found Bonnie by recommendation off a Facebook group page. I had injured my hip and was told not to run by a PT who, at the time, was doing more damage to my hip than repair.  I stopped PT and became depressed due to not having any solid goals and was unable to effectively exercise.  You see for me, exercise is what keeps my brain balanced. It makes me a better mom, wife, and employee.  When I injured my hip I felt a sense of despair because I had lost the joy I found in running.  I reached out to Bonnie and we talked on the phone and I knew we were kindred spirits.  She completely understood what exercise and having lofty goals meant for me.  She also understood what was going on with my hip and, without ever laying a hand on me, was able to work with me through strength, stretch, and alternatives to running such as biking and swimming to help heal my hip.  We talked regularly and she tailored my workouts to my ability while pushing me just a bit further.  One day I saw on my schedule an easy run…I ran with NO PAIN!  I was elated!  Within a few more months I completed my first Triathlon and came in third for my age group.  What a huge accomplishment!  Even more amazing is that my body has never felt nor looked so good.  I will always have the baby belly but I am stronger and have definition that I have never been able to achieve before.  Through Bonnie I have become stronger, faster, more challenged and, most importantly, pain free.

I really enjoy working with Bonnie. She has a wealth of information to share and motivates me to reach my goals. Couldn’t be happier or healthier without her help!


I really liked the smoothie class. It helped not just me but my whole family. My daughter refuses to eat carrots and green veggies. She will sit at the table until its time for bed and still will not touch the veggies. So I have added raw spinach to her fruit smoothies and she never knows what she is drinking. If I can continue to get tips like that it will really help me with her. Thanks.

Melinda K.

I was so excited to find out during my time with Bonnie the reason that I constantly munch on comfort food in the evenings! Now that I know that my body is just trying to have some “me time”, I can find other ways to fulfill that need and not put on the extra pounds that I really don’t want!!! If I make conscious decisions to take care of my body during the busy work day, I won’t feel the need to make up for that neglect at night! My AHA moment! Now I’m ready to put that knowledge to work!

Toyia B

These are just a few of the nice things my clients have had to say: