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Top Ten Tips for MORE ENERGY!


  1. Cut caffeine and exchange it with green team or herba mate.
  2. Drink more water and add sea salt  or coconut water.
  3. Eat dark leafy green veggies.  KALE IS THE NEW BEEF
  4. Reduce sugar, use gentle sweets.  Use raw honey or local honey as this is fabulous for reducing allergies too.
  5. Get physical activities - in this program I am going to show you many different ways to exercise
  6. Get more rest and relaxation - go for a daily walk
  7. Evaluate the amount and type of protein you eat.  The Clean Eating Program helps you to discover more digestible proteins.
  8. Take time for yourself.  Self care is number one for weight loss - high cortisol depletes as the body.
  9. Laugh More- this releases the happy hormone
  10. More sure you are getting enough sleep.  Do you need an alarm clock to get up?

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Lose yourself or harness your true power

What do you do when life really throws one at you?

We could ....  crumbled to a heap.  Melt. We could ....  get all mad and angry. We could .... become cold and empty. We could ..... Get all high and mighty. All of these and more. Those things that we are really attached to can be hard to apply the cliques.   Your child gets really sick.  You get laid off when it's really bad timing.  You're husband leaves you for another.  These things can really pack a punch. Make you breathless.  Make your heart bleed tears.
Can we live the joy as much as we live the pain?
Can we love the pain as much as the joy?
To learn to be close to the intense pain and still be able to breathe is a skill.  To not run and hide, to breathe through it. To cry out for help, to let that person share your pain, carry your burden for a bit. To travel through the most intense part, knowing that it ebbs and flows. To be open to hearing the wisdom when it does ebb.  To see the way forward. To be brave enough.  Strong enough to go forward. To know that you are strong enough, good enough to reach peace again.
...isn't just about the roses. It's about the thorns too. We must learn, experience, reach, love, let go, reach for help, listen and breathe.

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Healthy Fall Foods that Ground You

Your attention span is non-existent, your mind is wandering relentlessly, and you can’t quite feel the earth beneath your feet. The summer is nearly over and for many it’s time to buckle down, get focused and start fresh for fall. Yet, that “spacey” summer feeling might be lingering, making it impossible to concentrate. Ready to come back to reality and regain focus? Now is a great time to add some grounding fall foods to your shopping list. The idea of grounding foods stems from the Chinese medicine theories of the energetics of food. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that each food has a unique energy that affects your body a certain way. This goes beyond the calories, macronutrients and micronutrients of food. We’re talking about the energetic influence of food on the quality of your life—your mood, your awareness, your energy levels, your health and beyond.  For example, a cow that was treated brutally throughout it’s life, slaughtered, butchered and served to you as a hamburger in a fast-food joint might give your body a predominantly negative kind of energy that could leave you feeling imbalanced and even depressed. Alternatively, that green smoothie that you lovingly prepared with fresh, organic ingredients from the local farmers market offers a pure and beautiful energy to your body that leaves you feeling great, both physically and emotionally. Makes sense, right? Luckily, those of us who have a tendency to be kind of spacey can use the energetics of food to our advantage. The lazy days of summer are passing and fall means back to business. It’s time to look to some fall foods for their wonderful grounding qualities. As the seasons shift, it’s important to shift your diet as well. These grounding foods will help restore balance to your life and land your feet firmly on the ground. Roots veggies: beets, carrots, turnips, radishes, ginger, and garlic. All of these veggies have roots that reach down into the ground. The roots of a plant are its anchor; the foundation of life. Adding these foods into your diet can help you become more rooted and grounded in your life as well. Try out some roasted root veggies— they’re tasty and great for shaking off that spacey feeling. Sweet potatoes and yams: These tasty root veggies get a special mention because they’re not only grounding, they can also curb your sweet tooth, which will really help you shake that spacey feeling. Avoiding processed sugary treats is a great way to support your body with balanced and focus. As the season change, these dense sweet veggies will also help your body adjust to cooler temps. Quality proteins: Eggs, nuts, and meats offer a grounding energy to the body. They can also help stabilize blood sugar.  Look for organic, hormone free, free-range, etc. Eating nuts that are loaded with pesticides isn’t going to do you much good. Remember that quality foods offer quality energy to your body.

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