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Natural Deodorant

I like to look for natural/aluminum free deodorants. I'm a fan of reducing the chemicals we put on our bodies. But I'm a triathlete, and I need something to cover the smell of a hard workout. Normally I use a crystal deodorant, but that isn't always the best after a tough workout. And you have to wet it to use it so it can be inconvenient in a rush. I was in Ohio Amish country and found this bit of awesomeness, with coconut oil, activated charcoal, beeswax, bran wax, lavender and tea tree oils. It goes on dark but dries clear and holds up really well. Plus the charcoal pulls out oils and dirt, and absorbs 1,000 times its weight in moisture so no more pit stains! You can find it on Amazon!!! Or on the Beessential website, which has all kinds of cool natural stuff BeEssential

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Naturally Avoid Mosquitos and other yucky bugs (ticks)

OH MY GOSH. I get bitten all the time by mosquitos while my friends don't.  Irritates me. I LOVE EVENING OUTSIDE TIME I really am not a big fan of DEET.  It's an insecticide for heaven's sakes.  Would you eat it straight???? So what's to do.  To LIVE CLEAN. Let's nutshell it. WHY:  There are 150 species of mosquitos.  They are all unique.  Yellow fever and Dengue fever are transmitted by Aedes mosquito.  Malaria - anopheles mosquitos, very climate based.  In general mosquitos locate us by chemicals (the smell) of l-lactic acid, ammonia, etc.  Interesting, carbon dioxide helps mosquito noses work better, so if you're in trees .... It's not sweat (sweat is orderless) they are attracted to, but the by-product of the bacteria on your skin metabolizing our sweat, into other components, ammonia, etc. GREAT and Interesting.  What does that mean for me? If you enjoy the evening outside and don't want to get bit, get sick, have our dogs get heartworm, babies get something ... how do we accomplish this CLEANLY and with ease. PROBLEM:  DEET is an insecticide.  A neurotoxic for humans. Possibly carcinogenic when in clothing and nets.  Your skin absorbs everything you put on it.  That means it takes it into your body.   As if YOU HAVE EATEN DEET.  Does it have a warning label for ingestion? HA! SOLUTION:  Plants.  They have developed a natural deterrent for bugs.  (this also works for TICKS.)  Lemongrass, cinnamon, citronella, eucalyptus, etc.  Essential oils.   Works for your FURRY FRIENDS as well.  You can buy or make a spray.  Easy peasy.  For your dogs, put a bandana on your dog with drops of lemongrass and cinnamon on it. Solution #1:  Dr. Mercola's Bug Spray  Or other products. Solution #2:  Delve into the world of essential oils.  Sounds complex and maybe a bit weird but its just CLEAN LIVING.  100 years ago this was the #1 Solution.  The reason to go this way .... if you have a small bottle of lemongrass in your bathroom and you're an athlete and you mess up your knee, your health coach might tell you to apply the lemongrass to the knee to help heal the ligaments.  SUPER COOL!  Connect with me for more info. lemongrass-w-my-words

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